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UV-C Light Disinfection

UV-C light is a deep disinfection method that should be used in conjunction with other routine sterilization measures such as wiping down surfaces with chemical disinfectants.  Using UV-C light to sanitize areas adds an additional layer of protection for your employees and customers. This is the same additional protection that hospitals, restaurants, food processors, waste treatment plants, blood banks, and laboratories have been using for decades. 

Alternate, deep disinfection methods such as fogging and hand wiping are time-consuming, subject to human error, and can lead to troublesome, post-process issues.  Fogging can leave residues on surfaces that need to be wiped away. Ventilating the fog can lead to physical issues in your HVAC system and regulatory/legal issues due to ventilating questionable by-products to the atmosphere.  While hand wiping is a practical, daily sterilization method, when used as a deep cleaning method, it often leaves hard to reach areas contaminated.  It requires frequent changes of wipes, can be corrosive to equipment, and is a time consuming and human error-ridden method that can cause massive downtime delays.




eco friendly

  • Properly administered UV-C kills 99.9% of viral, microbial, bacterial and fungal contamination
  • 360° flood light pattern provides rapid pathogen reduction treatment in hard to reach places
  • Quick process time and minimum business disruption (30-45 minutes)